Wisdom tooth extraction is often best for dental health!

Wisdom teeth removal is often thought of as a “rite of passage” for young adults as it is usually recommended in a patient’s late teens or early twenties. It can also be the source of great anxiety for many who fear the treatment for something that may not be causing any symptoms!

Family dentist Dr. Albert Caves performs tooth extractions in his Columbus dental office and can remove wisdom teeth in most cases. Dr. Caves has years of experience with tooth extractions and will ensure your comfort during the procedure and afterwards.

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Dr. Caves will perform a thorough exam and use x-ray imaging to determine the necessity of removing the wisdom teeth in each patient. There are cases where the teeth have enough room to develop and are not threatening to become impacted and/or possibly damage adjacent teeth. It is important to maintain a preventive care routine and visit Dr. Caves in Columbus twice a year for regular check-ups so that the heath and development of teeth can be monitored and any treatment necessary for supporting long term oral health can be recommended at the appropriate time.