Do You Need to Replace Missing Teeth?

Most patients will experience some form of tooth loss in their lives, usually through the removal of wisdom teeth. But while wisdom teeth are often not needed, your other teeth are crucial for everyday activities. Without a full set of teeth, it can be difficult to eat or talk properly. If you have missing teeth in Columbus, GA, you also often put yourself at a greater risk of developing further dental problems. Replacing your teeth could help improve your smile, strengthen your bite, and protect your natural teeth and gums.

Missing Teeth in Columbus GA could lead to worsening conditions without treatment

Options for Missing Teeth in Columbus, GA

If you’re missing teeth, there are a few different options available to help restore your bite. Not every treatment will be right for every patient, however. Before starting any procedure, your dentist will examine your mouth and consult with you on your cosmetic goals. Based on your oral health and smile desires, your dentist will work to design a treatment plan that fits your needs. This could include a variety of restorative and cosmetic procedures.

Dental Implants

Whenever possible, most dentists tend to recommend dental implants for missing teeth. Implants typically have the most benefits for your oral health. The implant post is designed to mimic the natural root structure of your tooth. This can help improve jaw strength and bite stability. However, not every patient is eligible for implants. Having certain dental conditions, such as gum disease or loss of jaw bone density, could impact the success of your implant. After examining your mouth, your dentist may recommend some pretreatment procedures to help improve your chances of successful integration.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are often used to help restore multiple missing teeth in a row, although they can also be used if you’re missing one tooth. There are two main types of dental bridges: traditional and implant-supported. Implant-supported bridges are often recommended for patients who are missing three or more teeth in a row. Traditional bridges use dental crowns on your neighboring teeth to help support the pontics (fake teeth). If there are too many pontics to support, your natural teeth may suffer damage from excess pressure.

Dentures and Partials

Partial dentures can also be used to help restore your bite if you’re missing multiple teeth in a row. Full dentures are often used for patients who are missing an entire arch of teeth. Traditional dentures are removable oral appliances that can provide bite and smile restoration with relatively easy maintenance. However, some patients may benefit more from an implant-secured denture. An implant denture could help provide additional stability and comfort when eating and talking. Using strategic placement and angles, your dentist can often provide an implant denture using minimal implants, typically four or six.

If you’re missing teeth, your oral health could be at a greater risk. Restoring your bite as soon as possible could help protect you from decay and further damage. At Caves Family + Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide a wide range of restorative options to help. Call us today at (706) 407-4851 to schedule a consultation and learn more about tooth loss restoration.