Missing Teeth Columbus, GA

Columbus, GA dentist Dr. Albert Caves offers several excellent options for patients who have missing teeth. More treatment options mean better choices for patients to find the best solution that fits their health needs, aesthetic goals, and budget. Dr. Caves can replace one, two, or all of your missing teeth with simple, convenient treatments. Missing teeth is just one of the dental concerns Dr. Caves addresses at his dental office in Columbus, GA.

Best Treatment For Missing Teeth

The primary options for replacing missing teeth are dental bridges, implants, and dentures. Each type of treatment has its own advantages. Dr. Caves will help you choose which treatment is right for you.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is an affordable option for replacing missing teeth. Dr. Caves can fabricate a custom dental bridge that is either removable or fixed. Fixed dental bridges are usually supported by either dental crowns, implants, or a combination of the two.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular choice for replacing missing teeth because they provide the most life-like solution. A dental implant integrates with the living bone, fully replacing the function of a natural tooth. Dental implants are a considerable investment for most patients. However, they provide the best long-term results.

Not all patients qualify for dental implants. The location of the missing tooth, as well as the overall health of the patient and bone structure, will be evaluated before Dr. Caves recommends treatment.


Technology and aesthetics for dentures have made considerable strides in the last several years. Dr. Caves offers several types of dentures for patients, including cosmetic dentures and implant dentures, which are supported by dental implants.

An implant denture is often the best choice for patients who want to maintain a high quality of life and not be worried about chewing or speaking. Dr. Caves will coordinate treatment for implant dentures with a local periodontist or oral surgeon who will place the implants. As few as four dental implants may be needed to secure a denture in place. In many cases, Dr. Caves can retrofit an existing denture into a new implant denture.