SureSmile® Clear Aligners Columbus, GA

Are you hiding your smile because of crooked teeth? Do you have an uncomfortable bite? SureSmile® clear aligners can provide effective orthodontic treatment for a range of concerns. Patients with cosmetic needs or malocclusion can straighten their teeth and improve their oral health with SureSmile®. Are you ready for a beautiful new smile? In addition to providing cosmetic dentistry services, we also provide our patients with a clear aligner system.

SureSmile®: How does it work?

SureSmile® is a clear aligner system that will gently reposition your teeth using mouthguard-like appliances. Dr. Caves is a SureSmile® provider in Columbus and works with patients to address mild to moderate orthodontic concerns, including orthodontic relapse in adults. SureSmile® has also been proven to be effective when treating more complex orthodontic concerns that affect the bite. Gaps between your teeth? SureSmile® may be the solution you need to close your tooth gap and improve your bite.

Dr. Caves will begin treatment with digital dental impressions. SureSmile® uses CAD-CAM technology to take your dental impressions and create a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs. Dr. Caves will work with the SureSmile® lab to fabricate customized aligners that are designed to move your teeth into the desired position.

The clear aligners are PVC and BPA-free plastic and made to be comfortable and non-irritating, with no hard edges. At your next visit, we will place the first set and provide information on how to care for them. Once in place, they do not interfere with your daily life, and no one has to know you are wearing them!

SureSmile® patients will come in for periodic office visits to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments to their treatment. This is to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved.
SureSmile® Results: see the outcomes for real SureSmile® patients:
suresmile before and afterclear aligners before and after

SureSmile® FAQs

How many aligners will I receive?

The number of aligners you receive will depend on what is being treated. More severe orthodontic needs will require more aligners than mild cosmetic concerns. Dr. Caves will provide details about the number of aligners, length of treatment, and what to expect for results during your initial consultation.

Is treatment with SureSmile® painful?

Most patients report mild discomfort when a new set of aligners is placed. This is due to new pressure being placed on your teeth and typically subsides in a day or two.

Can I remove the aligners to eat and brush my teeth?

Yes. SureSmile® aligners are designed to be worn up to 22 hours each day, giving you plenty of time to remove them when eating and performing daily oral hygiene.

Will I need to wear a retainer after my treatment with SureSmile®?

Yes. Dr. Caves will discuss how to use your retainer right after treatment and in the future. A retainer is recommended for at least 12 months post-treatment, and Dr. Caves may recommend using one nightly for longer to maintain your results.