Dental Technology Makes Visiting the Dentist a Pleasure!

Great strides in both dentistry procedures and dental technology offers today’s dental patients a wide range of treatment options that can frequently be performed with less bleeding, pain and down time. Dr. Caves has incorporated some of the best of current dental technology into his Columbus, GA dental practice in order to offer his patients a high level of care in a more comfortable and timely manner.

Dr. Caves is one of few dentists that can offer patients same day restorations with CEREC technology. Imagine going in for a new or replacement crown and leaving with it that day! No need for temporaries and a return fitting visit. This is especially beneficial to someone who has a tooth or crown suddenly break, leaving a gap in the teeth that is embarrassing. CEREC technology allows Dr. Caves to fit and create a high quality porcelain restoration in one visit. In approximately one hour, patients can receive exact fitting, metal free, natural looking crowns, fillings or veneers. This can save both time and money!

Laser dentistry is another technology that Dr. Caves offers patients who may need a surgical procedure. The use of this precise and minimally invasive laser minimizes bleeding, swelling and other side effects of dental surgeries, allowing a patient to return to regular daily routines faster. Dr. Caves uses laser dentistry for gum surgeries, biopsies, and the treatment of periodontal issues. Patients benefit from a more accurate and less painful experience; less or no anesthesia is required.

Before planning treatment for his patients, Dr. Caves may use the intraoral camera to diagnose dental problems with a great degree of accuracy. This device is small enough for the dentist to move it around the mouth and it produces high quality detailed images of the teeth and gums. Dr. Caves can analyze these on the computer screen and look for small cracks or signs of decay before they become a more painful or complex problem. The ability to diagnose potential oral health issues in their earliest stages not only saves a patient time and money, it helps to maintain optimal dental health.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Caves in his Columbus dental office to discuss your options and see how these technologies can benefit you.