All On Four® Columbus, GA

All On Four An Overview

Replacing a full arch of teeth is now achievable by using as few as four strategic dental implants to secure a cosmetic hybrid denture. The key to a lasting and stable result is thorough treatment planning that includes a full evaluation of all aspects of your smile. Dr. Caves works in tandem with a local oral surgeon to help patients restore a beautiful, functional new smile using the All On Four® process.

Am I A Candidate for All On Four?

The All On Four procedure has evolved to enable patients who may have been previously denied the opportunity to secure a denture with dental implants due to poor bone health or other dental concerns. Although significant issues may need to be resolved with grafting procedures, this unique process can utilize a range of implant sizes and uses diagnostic imaging to plan the strategic placement of implants.

To determine if you are a good candidate for All On Four, Dr. Caves will use 3-D imagery to evaluate your oral structures and discuss your goals for the appearance and function of your new smile. A personalized treatment plan will be created to meet your needs, and Dr. Caves will explain what you can expect and the steps involved in the placement of your new implant denture.

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"I am especially appreciative of his high level of satisfaction and genuine care. Each time I am in the office, whether it be for a routine cleaning or a more serious matter, I am treated with kindness and priority. Dr. Caves is attentive and makes sure that I am comfortable and knowledgeable about my visit. So, to Dr. Caves and his friendly staff - thank you!"Rachel Columbus, GA

All On Four What to Expect

The All On Four process will begin with a consultation to discuss your goals, evaluate your dental health, and decide upon the treatment plan. Dr. Caves will take digital x-rays and 3-D images using a CT scanner for a comprehensive picture of your entire oral system, including jaw bone and nerve structure. This is an important part of treatment planning and provides a foundation for choosing the type, number, and placement of dental implants.

The next step is to take dental impressions and begin planning the appearance of your new smile, from tooth shape to color. Existing natural teeth and photographs can be used to design your new denture for the most natural-looking result. Dr. Caves will go over what to expect on the day of placement, working closely with his local surgical partner to plan for any necessary tooth extractions and the placement of the implants.

The results of treatment planning are realized on the day your new denture is permanently secured to implants that are placed on the same day. You will leave our office with a new smile that will give you back the ability to chew food and speak more confidently.

Although your new denture is secure and not removable, it is considered a temporary denture and will be replaced after several months of healing time. At this point, you will come to our office for a new set of dental impressions so that your final denture will be as fitted as possible, accommodating the subtle changes that may have occurred in the shape of the gums or the jaw structure as tissues heal.

Your final denture will be permanently secured to your implants, and the temporary one can serve as a backup in the case of damage or a dental problem.

Dr. Albert Caves, DMD

Why choose Albert Caves DMD?

Dr. Albert Caves has served patients and families in the greater Columbus, GA area for over 20 years. A highly trained and experienced dentist, Dr. Caves works with patients of all ages to maintain, restore or enhance the beauty and function of their natural smile.

Dr. Caves is a leading local dentist for same-day dental restorations using advanced CAD/CAM technology. We can place a beautiful new crown or custom restoration during a single visit. Dr. Caves places all types of dental implants, helping patients with missing teeth or poorly fitting dentures to get back to smiling with confidence.