Emergency Dental Care Columbus, GA

Emergency Dental Care An Overview

If you are experiencing a dental emergency and it is during regular office hours, contact us at (706) 571-0079.

If your emergency is taking place after office hours, please call office to reach our answering service for further instruction.

We understand that dental emergency situations do arise and our staff will strive to respond to you as quickly as possible. We set aside special times throughout the day to treat patients with emergency dental needs. If possible, please call our office early in the morning so that we can work you into our schedule.

It is important to not ignore or put off seeing a dentist in a dental emergency so you can avoid permanent or costly damage. Common dental emergencies are toothache, pain in the teeth, jaw or gums, broken teeth, knocked out tooth, broken fillings and swelling in the gums or mouth.

Emergency Dental Care FAQs

What should I do if my tooth got knocked out?

Whenever possible, retrieve the tooth. Be careful to hold the tooth by the crown (the part that is usually exposed in the mouth). If dirty, rinse the root in water – do not scrub or removed attached tissue fragments. Contact our office immediately, knocked out teeth have the highest survival rate if they are returned to the socket with in one hour of being knocked out.

What should I do with a broken or lost filling or crown?

Do not use attempt to re-glue your filling or dental crown. Contact us as soon as possible. You may take a pain reliever such as aspirin to ease discomfort.

How can I treat a toothache?

Try flossing to remove lodged food or rinsing your mouth with warm water. If there is swelling, a cold compress may be applied to the outside of the mouth or cheek. Do not apply painkillers directly to the gums or aching tooth as they may burn the gum tissue. Contact us as soon as possible for treatment.

What should I do if I have an abscess in my mouth?

An abscess is a serious conditions that spread infection to the rest of your body if left untreated. Call us immediately for treatment. To ease discomfort and draw pus to the surface of the gum tissue, you can rinse with a warm saltwater solution.