Cosmetic Dentistry Columbus, GA

Cosmetic Dentistry An Overview

As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Albert Caves is not only focused on improving aesthetics, but on improving health, function and quality of life. Cosmetic dentistry can help achieve facial balance and improve bite function. Dr. Caves takes a comprehensive approach to cosmetic dentistry to ensure comfortable and long lasting results.

Since your smile is the first thing people notice about you, it is important to have a smile that you are proud to show off. More than just good looks, the teeth help you chew, form words and provide support to the lower face, cheeks and lips.

If you want a more beautiful, healthy and comfortable smile, consider cosmetic dentistry. Contact Dr. Caves office in Columbus, GA to schedule your consultation.

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Cosmetic Dentistry What to Expect

New advances in cosmetic dentistry make having a beautiful smile easier than ever. Dr. Caves provides a complete range of cosmetic dental procedures including:

Dr. Caves believes that form follows function. Each patient receives a comprehensive evaluation as the foundation for any treatment. During this examination, Dr. Caves will check the teeth for signs of wear and decay, screen for oral cancer, and evaluate the jaw joints and muscles. In order for cosmetic dentistry to be successful, the underlying causes for concern must be identified and treated to ensure long lasting results without repeat problems.

Cosmetic Dentistry Before & After

Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Before Cosmetic Dentistry Patient After

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