Digital Dental X-Rays

digital x rays in columbus, gaDigital x-rays are the standard in modern dentistry. Dr. Caves has incorporated the latest technology into his office to make x-rays safer, faster, and more comfortable for each patient.

X-rays are a focused beam of X-ray particles passed through bone which produce an image on special film, showing the structure through which it passed. Most people are familiar with the black-and-white images doctors and dentists use to diagnose problems and diseases. Our digital dental x-rays capture images with stunning detail and clarity. This allows us to precisely detect infection or pathology that requires attention.

Our state-of-the-art digital radiography exposes the patient to 90% less radiation than conventional film x-rays. We can also capture panoramic x-rays where we can see all of your teeth at the same time.

Using this technology, we are able to take an x-ray of your mouth by using a small sensor that records the image of your teeth and sends it to a computer. Your digital x-rays will be stored in your digital dental file. This allows us to save space and be more environmentally friendly. Digital dental x-rays can also be shared easily with other specialists and doctors when needed.