How Veneers Can Makeover Your Smile

Porcelain veneers are shell-shaped treatments that cover one or more teeth in the smile line. Dental veneers can address the color and shape of single teeth or all of the front teeth. After you receive veneers, you benefit from a brighter, straighter-looking smile. Dental veneers are a part of the cosmetic dentistry services we offer in the Fort Benning, GA, area to help patients improve the aesthetics of their smiles.

How Veneers Can Makeover Your Smile

How Dental Veneers Improve Your Smile

Veneers offer many benefits if you want to address the aesthetic of your smile. Dental veneers:

Create a Brighter Smile

Dental veneers can address yellowed, stained, and darkened tooth enamel. We use veneers made of porcelain materials for the most natural-looking end result. Oftentimes, we will recommend dental veneers if you have tooth stains that do not react to professional teeth whitening treatments. Known as intrinsic stains, these tough stains come from within the tooth. Covering the tooth with a treatment like veneers can ensure that one or all of your teeth in your smile line look bright.

Provide Durability

If you receive dental veneers because of tooth wear or damage, veneers can add a layer to the front of your tooth for protection. Your teeth will not wear down from common causes of tooth wear, including aggressive brushing or acidic foods and drinks. Although veneers can wear down over time, just like natural teeth, they will ensure your teeth look and feel stronger.

Address Crooked Teeth

You can straighten your smile without braces. If you have slightly misaligned or crooked teeth, you can receive veneers to cover slight misalignment and create a more even smile. Veneers are a great fix for crooked teeth if you do not require lengthy orthodontic treatment.

Cover Gaps and Gummy Smiles

Veneers can benefit you if you have small gaps between your teeth but aren’t big enough for braces. Because veneers are customized to you, we can create veneers that are wide enough to cover tooth gaps but look natural enough to fit your natural smile. Additionally, if your teeth appear short or you have excess gum tissue, veneers can make your teeth appear consistent. We can make your dental veneers the right shape and size for an even, more balanced smile.

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