Do You Really Need a Dental Cleaning?

Going to the dentist isn’t always a fun or exciting activity. However, it is crucial for maintaining your oral health and keeping your bite strong. By visiting your dentist in Columbus, GA, regularly, you help combat plaque buildup and identify early warning signs of decay or disease. Even if you brush and floss properly at home, it’s nearly impossible to remove all the harmful bacteria in your mouth. A routine dental cleaning can help you prevent cavities, gum disease, and other harmful dental conditions.

A DENTIST COLUMBUS GA can provide routine cleanings that help protect your teeth and gums

How Often to See Your Dentist in Columbus, GA

Going to the dentist regularly is the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong. But how often you need to get a dental cleaning can differ between patients and situations. No two mouths are the same, and your dentist can help you set up a cleaning schedule just right for your mouth.

Six Month Cleanings

For most patients, a cleaning every six months is enough to help reduce plaque and tartar buildup. During your appointment, your dentist will also examine your teeth and potentially take x-rays to ensure your mouth is healthy. This exam is crucial as it can help catch a dental problem in its early stages. While it’s always a good idea to call your dentist if you notice an immediate problem, many dental concerns aren’t noticeable until they’re already causing damage. But your dentist is trained to notice the early signs of decay and disease so they can recommend treatment.

Four Month Cleanings

Some patients need an additional cleaning each year to keep their mouths strong and healthy. This need can be for a variety of issues. For example, some patients just naturally develop plaque and tartar faster, often due to a genetic predisposition. Other patients may struggle with brushing and flossing properly, such as patients who have limited mobility. If your mouth begins to feel unclean between appointments, or you constantly have issues with cavities and other dental problems, your dentist may recommend a four-month cleaning schedule to help.

Three Month Cleanings

If you don’t stay on top of your oral hygiene, gum disease is more likely to develop in your mouth. Once you have gum disease, you’ll need to be extra vigilant in keeping your mouth clean. Initial gum disease can be cleaned up using periodontal therapy methods. But that doesn’t mean you’re free and clear of it. Patients who have gum disease will almost always need a cleaning every three months to keep their gums healthy. These periodontal cleanings are crucial for preventing the return or spread of gum disease.

If you aren’t seeing your dentist regularly, you’re opening your mouth up to potential disease and decay. At Caves Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing effective dental cleanings and routine exams to keep everyone in your family better protected. Call us today at (706) 407-4851 to schedule your next cleaning and keep up with your oral hygiene routine.