Replace Those Old Metal Fillings

Do you have old, outdated, metal fillings that are not just unattractive but uncomfortable as well? Over time, metal fillings wear down, letting bacteria seep through openings and onto your teeth. This can cause even more problems than the original cavity was. If you have old fillings that are wearing down and falling out, you’ll need to get them replaced. Or if you have an uncomfortable feeling in your mouth, you may need a filling for a new cavity.

Lucky for you, modern dentistry has introduced composite resin fillings. These new, tooth-colored fillings are virtually invisible because they blend in well with the rest of your smile. Not only are the new fillings more attractive, but they’re more durable as well. These fillings are also referred to as cosmetic fillings, and they come in several different shades to match your own tooth color perfectly. Plus, the synthetic material that makes up the fillings will seal off any cracks that you may have in your teeth, preventing more bacteria from getting to your tooth. Plus, some people are concerned about toxic mercury in metal amalgam fillings. While there’s no proof that the mercury will cause harm, it can taste bad and even stain both teeth and gums. These problems are non-existent thanks to the advent of the new cosmetic fillings.

If you have larger cavities, you may need more than a simple filling. Your dentist may recommend a porcelain dental on-lay or inlay. This will cover the portion of your tooth that you use to bite. Inlays are boded into the center of the tooth and are also called indirect fillings. This is an option for people who have some tooth decay or have damaged, worn teeth. The inlay will hold the tooth together, strengthening it, while still looking and feeling as natural as real teeth.

If your teeth are extremely weak and your dentist is afraid they may break in the future, he may suggest that you get a crown. Dental crowns cover the whole tooth to make it strong and visually appealing.