Why Do My Teeth Hurt?

Anyone who’s ever experienced dental pain knows the sooner it can be relieved, the better. Feeling pain in your teeth is not normal and can be a sign that a problem that needs to be addressed. If your teeth are …
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Get the Most Out of Your Dental Insurance Benefits

Insurance plans frequently include restrictions to shift the cost of dental care back onto you. However, the end of the year turns the tables and opens up an opportunity for you to get the most out of your insurance coverage. …
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FAQS: Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth usually appear in your late teen years and early twenties. Your wisdom teeth act as a third molar that can help you chew difficult foods. However, more often than not, your wisdom teeth don’t develop properly, which …
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The Impacts of Smoking

Over 50 years ago the first Surgeon General’s report was published stating that smoking is bad, and potentially dangerous for your health. Columbus, GA dentist Dr. Albert Caves recommends that patients avoid starting, or quit smoking, so they may enjoy …
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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Albert Caves has been serving Columbus, GA area communities with comprehensive and compassionate cosmetic dental care since 1999. Dedicated to advancing his dental skill and knowledge, Dr. Caves stays up to date with advancements in technique and dental technology. …
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Life long oral health starts with pediatric dentistry. | Dr. Albert Caves, DMD

Dr. Albert Caves, DMD, is a family dentist in Columbus, GA, and understands the importance of beginning pediatric routine dental care at an early age: it is estimated by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry that more than 50% of …
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Dr. Caves awarded “Reader’s Choice” favorite dentist by Ledger Enquirer! | Columbus, GA

The community of Columbus, GA has awarded Dr. Caves a “Reader’s Choice Favorite” award, confirming what many of his loyal patients already know! Dr. Albert Caves, DMD, has been serving the local and military families of Columbus and surrounding areas …
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Dental technology makes visiting the dentist a pleasure! | Dr. Albert, Caves, DMD

Great strides in both dentistry procedures and dental technology offers today’s dental patients a wide range of treatment options that can frequently be performed with less bleeding, pain and down time. Dr. Caves has incorporated some of the best of …
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Teeth whitening is a quick way to brighten your smile! | Dr. Caves, DMD

Are you looking for a way to quickly improve your smile without doing anything drastic? If so, then you should consider getting teeth whitening. Your teeth have a tendency to naturally darken over time. Medications, illnesses, poor oral hygiene, certain …
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Headaches? Earaches? You may be suffering from TMD | Dr. Albert Caves, DDS

Do you wake up in the morning with neck or facial pain? Do you suffer with frequent headaches or earaches that have no apparent cause? A visit to the Columbus, GA dental office of Dr. Albert Caves, DMD may bring …
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