Can I Brighten My Teeth With Teeth Whitening?

Yes, professional teeth whitening can be a quick, effective solution to brighten discolored and stained teeth. Dr. Albert Caves offers a full range of cosmetic dentistry services to enhance the appearance of damaged or healthy teeth. Dr. Caves offers professional …
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Feel good about your smile with a teeth whitening treatment!

Ready to boost your confidence with a teeth whitening treatment that will have you smiling again? Teeth whitening can provide patients with a quick and economical “smile makeover” that can sometimes transform their overall appearance, especially for those who have …
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Cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of procedures! | Dr. Caves, DMD

The recent advances made in the field of cosmetic dentistry offer patients several benefits: more options, safer procedures, faster recovery times and longer lasting results! Dr. Albert Caves, DMD, a family and cosmetic dentist in Columbus, has extensive post graduate …
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Teeth whitening is a quick way to brighten your smile! | Dr. Caves, DMD

Are you looking for a way to quickly improve your smile without doing anything drastic? If so, then you should consider getting teeth whitening. Your teeth have a tendency to naturally darken over time. Medications, illnesses, poor oral hygiene, certain …
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