Cosmetic Dentistry Offers a Wide Range of Procedures

The recent advances made in the field of cosmetic dentistry offer patients several benefits: more options, safer procedures, faster recovery times and longer lasting results!

Dr. Albert Caves, DMD, a family and cosmetic dentist in Columbus, has extensive post graduate training in many areas of dentistry as well as years of experience treating patients. He brings a comprehensive approach to all procedures, including cosmetic, taking the time with each patient to fully understand their oral health and any possible underlying problems that may be causing a cosmetic issue. This is important in helping patients achieve long lasting and comfortable results.

For patients seeking a quick “smile makeover”, Dr. Caves offers both in office and take home teeth whitening in his Columbus, GA dental office. Using a professional whitening system, Dr. Caves can take years off of your smile and most patients see results that are up to 8 shades whiter in about an hour! The take home kit offered by Dr. Caves consists of a set of custom prepared bleaching trays and professional grade bleaching materials that are to be worn for a specified period of time. Both options can offer years of brighter, whiter smiles with proper oral hygiene, including routine dental visits, and a periodic touch up.

Dr. Caves also offers other cosmetic options for patients who are in need of restoration or who desire a change in the appearance of their smile:

Dental fillings: there are several typed of fillings available at Dr. Caves’ Columbus dental office, including metal free white fillings that can be used to replace dark, amalgam fillings to freshen up your smile;
Porcelain veneers: veneers can be used to repair a tooth, fill a gap or dramatically change a patient’s smile;
Dental crowns: Dr. Caves offers porcelain crowns for patients seeking a high quality. long lasting and natural result.
Dr. Caves offers same day restorations in many cases with the use of CEREC technology. Patients can leave after one visit with a new, high quality porcelain crown!
Composite Bonding: for quick cosmetic fixes for discoloration or a chipped tooth, composite bonding can be completed in a single visit to Dr. Caves.

If you have a dental health concern or are considering a smile makeover, contact Dr. Caves to schedule a consultation to discuss your options.