Hit the field with a custom sports mouth guard for maximum protection

Do you or your child play a contact sport? If so, the teeth are at risk of being injured or knocked out without the use of a mouth guard!

Columbus family dentist Dr. Albert Caves offers his patients the best possible protection for their teeth with a custom fit sports mouth guard. Far superior to options available at local sports stores, a custom mouth guard is recommended by dentists and fabricated from dental materials to offer the best cushioning and impact resistance.

Teeth Don’t Grow Back!

Custom fit mouth guards are also highly recommended for patients who are currently wearing braces or any type of dental appliance: upon impact, the appliance can also cause damage to the soft tissues in the mouth or become dislodged and present a choking hazard.

Dr. Caves will fit you or your child for a sports mouth guard in his dental office – enjoy being active while protecting your teeth and gums from injury!