Facial pain may be alleviated with TMJ therapy!

Facial pain, tenderness and frequent headaches can often be a sign of a temporomandibular disorder (TMD), commonly called TMJ. These bite disorders are a result of an imbalance in the masticatory system and can be difficult to diagnose without the proper expertise and diagnostic tools.

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Columbus dentist Dr. Albert Caves has years of experience in the treatment of complex dental problems and the diagnosis of bite disorders such as TMJ. He will perform a thorough exam using some of the latest in dental technology and determine where the imbalance is before recommending a course of treatment. Dr. Caves provides a wide variety of treatment options for patients with complex bite disorders like TMJ, including oral appliance therapy.

TMJ and its associated symptoms such as facial pain can disrupt a person’s daily life. Successful diagnosis and treatment is often a welcome relief and will help to maintain lifelong oral health.

If you have been suffering with facial pain and headaches, discuss these symptoms with Dr. Caves and begin to restore your oral and overall health!