Root Canals are Sometimes Necessary: What You Need to Know

A root canal is performed either by a cosmetic or general dentist when the tiny canals found within a patient’s teeth become damaged and infected. This infection can travel deeper inside the teeth, directly penetrating the pulp that fills the majority of the tooth cavity. Many patients are aware of this medical issue when they feel mild to severe pain within a tooth, usually characterized as a strong throbbing ache that turns into a stabbing pain when in physical contact with something else.

The most common cause of infected canals and tooth pulp is a cavity that has gone untreated. Other popular causes include teeth failing to heal appropriately after restorative surgery, and impacted teeth. The first sign of an infection is inflammation, which can cause gums to appear very red, and feel tender.

The actual root canal procedure can take one or multiple visits, depending on the amount of teeth that need to be treated. Patients should expect a numbing agent to be applied and/or injected around the area of the infected tooth. Depending on the medical professional, sedation can be requested as well. After the patient’s affected areas are numb, the infected teeth are drilled down to the inner pulp, which is removed. The rest of the infected canal is then treated and cleared from the mouth, and a filling is infected into the drilled teeth.

Post root canal care will be addressed to the patient by their medical professional. In most cases, soreness from the procedure ceases after three days to a week. If this pain and discomfort persists after a week, patients should contact their cosmetic dentist immediately.

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