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CEREC Single Visit Dentistry saves patients time and money.

CEREC - Single Visit CrownsDr. Albert Caves has incorporated the latest technology into his office to offer patients the convenience of single visit dentistry. Where multiple visits were needed for procedures like dental crowns and porcelain veneers, Dr. Caves can create high quality, natural looking porcelain restorations while the patient waits.

How It Works

Dr. Caves uses a special cameral to take a digital impression of the teeth. This image is transferred to a computer where it is incorporated with the CEREC technology to create a 3-D image of the tooth.

CEREC uses CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology. Dr. Caves uses information from the impression along with specific instructions so that the CAD software can design a restoration for the tooth.

Then, the CAD software kicks in; using a milling device, the restoration is created from a single block of fine dental ceramic. Adjustments are made to the color to match the natural teeth. Then, the porcelain restoration is tried on for fit and secured to the tooth using a special bonding agent.

Benefits of CEREC

Our patients love the CEREC technology because they don’t have to make multiple trips to the dentist to complete their dental procedure. Each visit means time away from work and family. Another benefit is that with CEREC single visit dentistry, patients don’t have to wear temporaries while their final restorations are being made.

Single Visit Dentistry Columbus, Georgia

Dr. Caves is one of only a few dentists nationwide to feature this sophisticated technology. Contact us to learn more about CEREC single visit dentistry!