What Are the Safest Dental Fillings?

Do you need a dental filling but are wary about metal fillings? Dr. Albert Caves offers safe white dental fillings in Columbus, GA. BPA-free composite fillings offer a safe and modern way to fill cavities and prevent tooth infections. Unlike traditional metal dental fillings, ceramic dental fillings look more natural and use a safe composite material to preserve the tooth structure.

White Dental Fillings in Columbus, Georgia

What are Metal Dental Fillings?

Metal fillings consist of silver, tin, and other metals, along with mercury. Although these fillings can create stronger teeth, they can also stick out when you smile. Additionally, because metal fillings contain mercury, mercury vapors are released when biting and chewing. Metal fillings can also appear black and show when speaking. Because traditional fillings are made of metal, they also increase tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods or beverages.

While patients typically do not experience mercury poisoning from metal fillings, it can be difficult to remove traditional metal fillings. Dentists also need to take many precautions to avoid mercury ingestion during removal. Removing old fillings can be dangerous because half of the amalgam fillings contain liquid mercury, while the other half consists of powdered metals.

White Dental Fillings in Columbus, GA

Traditional metal fillings may offer strength, but they leave patients at risk of ingesting mercury. White fillings come with many benefits over metal fillings.

Benefits of white dental fillings include:

  • Natural, tooth-colored look
  • Strength and durability
  • No mercury exposure
  • Easy shaping and repair
  • Reduced tooth sensitivity
  • Less invasive treatment

White fillings use composite resin materials that seal teeth after we treat cavities or large areas of tooth damage. We can color-match the composite to the shade of natural teeth for a less noticeable restoration that blends in with the natural smile. If we ever need to replace white fillings, there is no chance of ingesting harmful metals or traces of mercury. Composite or white fillings offer a safer alternative to metal fillings. Patients enjoy less sensitive teeth and preserve their smiles with tooth-colored fillings that look and feel natural.

Are you interested in white dental fillings? Contact Dr. Albert Caves for treatment today by calling (706) 407-4851. You may also feel free to request a dental consultation with Dr. Caves on our website. Let us know if you need to replace an old metal filling or require a new white filling. We’re here to help you find the right treatment for your specific dental needs.