What Are the Most Common Tooth Disorders?

Do you have a well-worn tooth? Are you experiencing chronic tooth pain? It’s important to receive the right care as soon as possible if you have a dental problem. Our dental office addresses many types of tooth disorders in Columbus, GA. From tooth damage to severe infections, we can address your oral health concerns. Our office staff and dentists are glad to help patients find the right treatment for their specific needs, budgets, and goals.

Tooth Disorders in Columbus, Georgia

Treating Common Tooth Disorders in Columbus, GA

Some of the most prevalent dental problems that we treat in our office include:


Dental cavities are holes in the tooth enamel. The most common cause of cavities is tooth decay. Decay occurs when harmful bacteria feed on food debris left in the mouth. As bacteria digest sugar and starches, they produce digestive acids that break down the enamel. As a result, patients with tooth decay can have pits or holes called cavities.

Cavities can expose bacteria to the dental pulp within the tooth. The dental pulp consists of the cells, nerves, and blood vessels that keep teeth alive and functional. Removing infected dental pulp and sealing a tooth with a dental filling can prevent the need for a tooth extraction.

Gum Disease

Periodontitis, or gum disease, is a common but damaging oral health problem. Gum disease occurs when harmful bacteria inflame and irritate the gum tissue. Patients can experience red, bleeding, swollen, and receded gums due to gum disease.

Gum disease affects patients’ oral health and increases the risk of heart problems. Inflammation can reach the heart, leading to problems like heart attacks, strokes, and heart disease. Patients with heart problems and gum disease can also notice an increased frequency in their problems. Thorough dental cleanings like scaling and root planing can remove plaque and tartar from the smile and preserve gum tissue.

Dental Erosion

Demineralization or tooth erosion can be caused by acid dissolving the tooth enamel. The enamel is the outer layer of the tooth. Tooth enamel protects teeth and prevents harmful substances from affecting the nerves and blood vessels within the tooth. If the enamel wears away, patients can experience tooth pain and sensitivity to temperature. Already damaged teeth are also at risk of other dental problems. Covering eroded teeth with a dental crown balances the bite and prevents further erosion.

Oral Cancer

Tobacco use, heavy alcohol use, and HPV can increase the likelihood of developing oral cancer. This serious problem can develop in any part of the mouth. At regular dental visits, we make a visual examination to find signs of oral cancer. Signs of oral cancer include red and white patches in the mouth and chronic mouth sores.

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