Are Porcelain Veneers Safe for Teeth?

Are you interested in dental veneers but are unsure if veneers will ruin your smile? Some patients may be concerned about veneers because they require tooth preparation. When we prepare teeth for veneers, we etch and roughen the tooth to ensure that the veneer bonds properly. Because of this preparation, patients need to be committed to veneers or other cosmetic or restorative treatments to cover their teeth. Some patients may be wary of this preparation because of its permanence; however, other patients find this permanence matches their oral health needs.

We work with our patients to find the right treatment to meet their cosmetic goals; we welcome patients to learn more about dental veneers in our Columbus, GA, office to help determine if veneers are right for their smiles. Here we will also review how veneers can benefit your smile and answer questions about patients’ concerns when it comes to veneers.

Are Porcelain Veneers Safe for Teeth?

Answering Questions About Dental Veneers in Columbus, GA

Many patients may have these common questions about dental veneers:

Can porcelain veneers get cavities?

If you break your veneers, develop gum disease, or have a dental infection, harmful bacteria can reach the teeth behind your veneers. We recommend that patients continue to brush and floss their veneers and natural teeth to prevent decay and cavities and contact a dentist if their veneers loosen or break.

Can dental veneers fall off?

Dental veneers will rarely fall off on their own. We securely bond veneers to the front of teeth and ensure that they fit properly. If you lose a veneer due to a dental injury, please contact a dentist for care.

Can porcelain veneers stain?

Because we use high-quality materials to create veneers, it is much harder for veneers to stain than natural teeth. However, we still recommend that patients avoid common foods or beverages that stain teeth and refrain from using tobacco products, especially directly following their veneer treatment.

What are the Benefits of Dental Veneers?

There are many benefits to dental veneers. With veneers, we can:

  • Protect Damaged Teeth: If patients have a damaged tooth in their smile line, veneers can improve the look of the tooth and protect the tooth from further damage. For instance, if another natural tooth places pressure on a chipped or cracked tooth when biting and chewing, the damaged tooth can be injured further. Veneers cover damage and prevent further wear and tear.
  • Provide Low Maintenance: Patients can brush and floss their veneers like natural teeth. There are no special methods or tools required to clean the veneers. Patients only need to avoid hard, crunchy, and staining foods right after they receive their veneers.
  • Use Quality Materials: Dental veneers are made of porcelain that blends in with the shade and shape of natural teeth. Porcelain reflects light just like natural teeth. This material also lasts longer than other cosmetic materials.

Are you interested in treatment with dental veneers? Call (706) 407-4851 or request a dental appointment with us online. We’re here to create a custom restoration that matches your oral health and aesthetic needs.