Sugar and Your Oral Health

Excessive sugar is not only bad for your physical health but your oral health. Eating too much sugar can contribute to problems like cavities and gum disease. Learn more about the links between sugar and oral health and how we can minimize dental problems in our Columbus, GA, dental office. We are here to help patients improve and maintain their teeth and gums for years of healthy smiles.

Link Between Sugar and Dental Health in Columbus, GA

Sugar and Bacteria

Harmful bacteria feed on sugars and starches left in the mouth. These bacteria produce digestive acids that break down the tooth enamel and the gum tissue. Excessive sugar in your diet can contribute to oral health problems like tooth decay, toothaches, gum disease, sensitive teeth, and even holes or pits in the enamel called cavities.

Gum disease in particular begins with gingivitis or gum inflammation. Patients with gingivitis experience irritated, swollen, and bleeding gums. Patients can experience gum recession and even loose teeth as gum disease progresses. One of the best ways to prevent these problems is to watch the sugar content in foods and drinks. However, there are also ways to remove bacterial buildup with good oral health.

Treating Oral Health Problems in Columbus, GA

The top methods of addressing dental health are:

  • Brushing and Flossing Properly: We recommend that patients floss before brushing to remove particles from between teeth. Flossing before brushing can also provide a better clean. Brushing the tongue can also make a difference in the bacterial buildup and help keep your breath fresh. Many patients also stop flossing, an important part of oral hygiene. Flossing can prevent bleeding gums and stop problems like periodontitis.
  • Scheduling Regular Dental Visits: At routine appointments, we clean the teeth and gums and take x-rays to keep track of patients’ smiles. Making biannual dental visits can help prevent common dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Our dental hygienists use stainless steel dental tools to remove plaque and tartar from the mouth. Dental x-rays also help our team find any developing oral health problems, whether it’s decay, tooth damage, or even wisdom teeth.
  • Periodontal Therapy: As harmful bacteria feed on sugars and starches, they can irritate the gum tissue. Over time, patients with gingivitis, or irritated gums, can develop gum disease. Patients with severe gum disease can experience receding gums and even lose permanent teeth. Our team can provide periodontal therapy to minimize harmful bacteria and help treat gum problems. During periodontal therapy, we can provide scaling and root planing treatments that remove bacterial buildup on and beneath the gums. Our office can also refer patients to gum surgeons to remove infected gum tissue and help stop recession.

Prevent future oral health problems with consistent oral health care. Schedule a dental appointment with our team online or call Dr. Albert Caves today at (706) 407-4851. If you have any current oral health concerns or questions about care, let us know, and we can help! We’re dedicated to patient education and helping our patients get the care they need.