Patient Testimonials


Dr. Albert Caves has been serving Columbus, GA area communities with comprehensive and compassionate cosmetic dental care since 1999. Dedicated to advancing his dental skill and knowledge, Dr. Caves stays up to date with advancements in technique and dental technology.

At the heart of our dentist office is our patients. We strive to provide quality dentistry in a welcoming family environment. Dr. Caves provides patients first with a stable oral foundation and then helps them build a smile they feel confident in through cosmetic dental treatments.

Here are some things our patients are saying about our dental care team:

Personalized Family Dentistry

Our family has been going to Dr. Caves for six years now, he has taken wonderful personal care of us. I especially appreciate the kind and compassionate care he gave to me when my porcelain veneers fell off. He immediately reattached them, ushered me right into his schedule without waiting. He is even able to create a new porcelain veneer right in his office and immediately attach it. No weeks of waiting!
Brenda P.

Welcoming and Compassionate Care

I tend to avoid dentists if all possible due to some bad experiences. A friend of mine recommended Dr Caves when I told her I had broken a tooth. I was very hesitant but I’m glad I went to him. He and his staff are very personable and professional. Together they helped alleviate my fears and accomplish the job. I would recommend them to everyone.
Gena T.

Prompt Emergency Dental Care

I simply cannot find the words to express how much I adore Dr. Caves and his staff. My entire family goes to his office. I recently contacted Dr. Caves office due to sudden tooth pain over the weekend. I was told to come in the same day for an evaluation only to find out that I needed a root canal. I wasn’t on the schedule but Dr. Caves knew I was in pain and stated, “I’m going to take care of you now so I can stop your pain”. Dr. Caves performed an emergency root canal on me that same day!! I honestly feel like he’s family. He’s simply the best dentist anyone could ask for and his staff is the friendliest/professional group of individuals I’ve ever encountered. My hygienist Taylor and Leslie are so courteous.
Janice C.

Complete Dental Health Care

I called this morning and asked to see Dr. Caves about an unusual tenderness in the lower gum line. The receptionist took my information and asked me to come in at two o’clock today. I was taken promptly and the dental assistant asked about my problem and took a couple of e-rays. Dr. Caves discussed my problem, answered all my questions, gave me a prescription for the infection and asked his receptionist to set up an appointment with an Endocrinologist. My problem was handled promptly, compassionately, and professionally, while taking the time to answer all my questions about my problem and the solution. Experiencing this quality of friendliness, concern, and professional knowledge inspires patient confidence.
Gay D.

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