Sensitive Teeth

Toothache, Columbus, GADid you know your sensitive teeth could be a sign of a more complex dental health concern?

Sensitivity in your teeth occurs when the dentin becomes exposed. Dentin is the material inside of your teeth that has many tiny nerve endings. When the dentin becomes exposed, your nerve endings are highly susceptible to temperature and pressure changes. If you have sensitive teeth, they may be a sign of other oral health problems. Columbus family dentist Dr. Albert Caves offers solutions for achieving a more comfortable smile.

Sensitive teeth are often a side effect of the following complex dental health concerns:

Gum Disease: A serious medical and dental health concern, gum disease may cause tooth sensitivity. Gum disease is the bacterial infection of the gums. When untreated, gum disease can eventually cause gums to recede. When gums recede they may leave the roots of the tooth exposed which could result in tooth sensitivity.

Broken Teeth: When your tooth has a crack or break in it your enamel is damaged and may expose the dentin. If left untreated, broken teeth can also cause infection and may result in the need for advanced restorative dental treatments.

Tooth Decay: The build up plaque and tartar can cause tooth decay. Tooth decay wears away at the enamel of your tooth that may expose dentin. If you notice sensitivity in your tooth, you may have some degree of tooth decay.

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If you are experiencing sensitivity in your teeth, it is important to visit our Columbus dentist office. Tooth sensitivity may be a warning sign of a more complex dental health concern. Dr. Caves aims to offer every patient the most conservative dental treatments possible. Early diagnosis of complex dental health issues can help to avoid advanced dental care.

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