A family dentist can be the solution for today’s busy families

Family dentistry can save both time and money for today’s busy families!

Dr. Caves is family dentist, treating patients in his Columbus dental office from age 3 and up, including local military families.

Dr. Caves can provide the dentistry that your growing family needs, as well as treatments for aging teeth to keep everyone’s smile strong and healthy.

Family dentistry can be beneficial in many ways for today’s busy families, enabling all members to be treated in the same location. For children, visiting the dentist for the first few times can sometimes be stressful. But being able to accompany Mom or Dad and be treated alongside them often provides the reassurance they need to feel comfortable and confident for future visits. In this way, family dentistry can help to lay a foundation for lifelong oral health.

As a family dentist, Dr. Caves offers pediatric services, including preventive care, dental sealants and fluoride treatments for growing teeth. Dr. Caves also offers custom sports mouth guards to protect teeth during physical play and will monitor wisdom teeth for the young adult patient, recommending treatment when deemed necessary.

For young adult, adult and senior dental patients, Dr. Caves diagnoses and treats complex dental health problems, offering both cosmetic and restorative procedures often necessary for long term oral health.

Dental health is important as part of overall health and well being- studies have consistently shown the mouth- body connection and modern dentistry emphasizes the benefits of maintaining the natural teeth for as long as possible for a good quality of life.

Dr. Caves is a partner on your family’s healthcare and as a family dentist can provide the consistency of care that is important for maintaining good oral health through the years. We work with most major dental insurance companies including Metlife Tricare Dental.