Headaches? Earaches? You may be suffering from TMD

Do you wake up in the morning with neck or facial pain?

Do you suffer with frequent headaches or earaches that have no apparent cause?

A visit to the Columbus, GA dental office of Dr. Albert Caves, DMD may bring the relief you need!

Many people suffer with Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) unnecessarily because their symptoms are not those typically associated with dental problems. We don’t always realize that radiating pain in the neck, face and ears can be caused by problems in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Seeking a diagnosis from a dentist like Dr. Caves, who has extensive continuing education in the area of TMJ disorders, is the key to restoring oral health and receiving proper treatment that will provide long term results.

Just as there are multiple causes of TMJ disorders, there are also a variety of treatments available depending on the severity of the problem. Dr. Caves can offer his Columbus area patients the experience and range of services necessary to treat TMJ disorders. For many patients, the use of a mouthguard when sleeping will alleviate symptoms and prevent teeth grinding- a common cause of TMJ issues. Other cases may require restorative work to bring the occlusal system (the bite) back into alignment, thus reducing stress on the TMJ.

Teeth grinding and other dental health problems associated with TMJ can also lead to additional oral health issues such as gum disease. Dr. Caves takes the time with each of his patients to examine all aspects of the TMJ to be sure that he offers a treatment plan that will restore optimal oral health and prevent the development of additional problems.

Dr. Caves is currently accepting new patients and caters to military families from Columbus and the surrounding area. Dr. Caves works with each patient to devise a treatment plan that meets their dental health needs within their budget. Contact Dr. Caves at his Columbus dental practice to schedule a consultation.