National Dental Hygiene Month | Columbus, GA

Again, the American Dental Hygienists’ Association is naming October of 2012 the “National Dental Hygiene” month. Every year, thousands of Georgian people suffer from painful and degenerative oral disease; most of these diseases could have been prevented, if good dental hygiene had been practiced, along with regular trips to the family dentist. Aside from brushing and flossing daily, families should find a local dentist in Columbus, GA.

The objective behind the National Dental Hygiene Month is to promote dental health and to convince people to more regularly visit the dentist office. Finding a dentist office in Columbus, Georgia, is imperative for the locals to maintain adequate dental health. Family dentistry is at the heart of dental health.

Columbus, Georgia, is a beautiful city ranked 4th best city to live in. It sits on the Chattahoochee River, a vibrant and beautiful waterway. With a large population, around 200,000, it has all the conveniences needed to properly raise a family. With some of the best healthcare facilities and dentist offices in the country, it serves as the perfect place to secure a strong future. The city of Columbus strives to promote strong dental care throughout its many communities

There are many local dentists in the city of Columbus. Dr. Albert Caves, for example, is a DMD that is highly trained and certified to be a general family dentist. Dr. Caves also has certification to perform cosmetic dentistry and reconstructive procedures. Having graduated the Georgia Health Sciences University College of Dental Medicine in 1999, he has great experience with treating patients of all ages and backgrounds. Dr. Caves is a local. He was born and raised in Columbus, and he has always practiced within the city; thus, he can relate to the people of Columbus and has a strong understanding of the community’s needs. Dr. Caves advocates the National Dental Hygiene Month and hopes that he can play a small role in this national effort by providing excellent dental care.