Dr. Caves-Family Dentist in Columbus, GA

A trip to the dentist can be quite stressful. This is especially true for people who have young children. The good news is that there is a family dentistry that aims to make a trip to the dentist a little less stressful. Dr. Albert Caves is a family dentist in Columbus, Georgia who takes a lot of pride in his work. He has helped meet the dental needs of many patients, and is looking forward to working with new patients. Dr. Caves’s office is located in Columbus, Georgia.

Dr. Caves not only wants his patients to have a healthy smile, but he also wants them to be happy with the way that they look when they smile. He offers a wide range of services, and is qualified to address a number of complex dental issues. Braces, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and tooth extractions are just a few of the many services that he offers.

All of these services are offered very affordable prices.  Dr. Caves’s dental office accepts most insurance plans, and this includes Metlife Tri Dental program.  Dr. Caves believes that dental care should be affordable to everyone because it is a necessity.

Dr. Caves uses the latest technology to help him give each patient the best care possible. Digital dental x-rays and intraoral cameras are two of the types of equipment that he uses. Additionally, he also screens each one of his patients for oral cancer. Oral cancer is a potentially fatal condition, but it can be successfully treated if it is detected early.

Again, people who are looking for a dental office in Columbus, Georgia do not have to look any further. Dr. Caves is ready, willing and able to provide quality dental care. Contact the dental office today, and you will see why this family dentist is so great.