Dental Bridges

Having a broken or missing tooth can be both uncomfortable and destroy the way your smile looks. Luckily, there is a way to fix these uncomfortable and cosmetic problems. With a dental briddge, you can replace the tooth that is missing with a prosthetic tooth that will fill in any gaps in your teeth. Sometimes people even have more than one tooth missing, in this case, a dental bridge will fill in the gaps with as many prosthetic teeth as needed. Getting a dental bridge is the best way to fix your smile.

In addition to fixing your smile, dental bridges are comfortable. Dental bridges are actually hooked to surrounding teeth by a crown. This way you can eat comfortably and it feels just like one of your other teeth. If you need more than a few teeth added to your smile and the surrounding teeth, for whatever reason, are not enough to support the prosthetic teeth with a crown, you can invest in dental implants. With dental implants, you can attach the dental bridge easily and comfortably as you could with a crown to your real teeth. This method makes eating, drinking and smiling as comfortable as ever.

Dental bridges are also made with some of the finest materials. The materials are so similar to real teeth in the way they look and the way the sit in your mouth, that they feel and look like real teeth. With a few easy tricks, you can also care for your dental bridge in a way that keeps them healthy, clean and will help them last long.

In order to get dental bridges, the dentist will need to take pictures of your mouth, create molds, evaluate the way your teeth will need to look, and create replications that will look great with your smile. As such, the process of getting a dental bridge can take a few appointments. However, regardless of what type of dental bridge you need, the dentists are trained to form a custom bridge that will look perfect in your mouth and will restore youth and beauty to your smile.