Esthetic Crown Lenthening and Metal Free Porcelain Crowns

Whether people have problems with their teeth they need to have fixed or they need someone to help them with work a previous dentist has done, cosmetic dentist, Dr. Albert Caves, is the person who can do the job. One case in point is a patient Dr. Caves had this very month who needed to have an esthetic crown lengthened. The patient also desired to have a new crown placed that did not contain any metal.

This particular patient had several of the old-fashioned metal-fused-to porcelain crowns that did not adequately cover her teeth. Because she had excess bone and other tissue where her teeth and gums meet, it wasn’t possible for the previous dentist to create crowns that could hide these imperfections. Dr. Caves saw an opportunity to send her to periodontist, Dr. Robert Vasquez who could reduce the irritation she was experiencing because she had so much extra tissue and could also create new crowns that would be of sufficient length. The new crowns would expose more of her teeth and create the look that she had been dreaming of.

The first thing they needed to do was have the laboratory manufacture wax impressions of the patient’s teeth so that she could see a demonstration of how her new teeth would appear. Afterward, Dr. Vasquez performed surgery on the patient to diminish the bone’s overgrowth and reshape the area. With this done, the patient could be fitted for new crowns that could create the new look after the new crowns are ready. Until then, the patient needed to have temporary crowns, and Dr. Caves was present to apply these apparatuses that very day.

Before the job could be finished, the patient’s mouth needed to take the necessary time to heal. Then, the doctor could make a new impression of the patient’s teeth to aid the lab in manufacturing the crowns. When they were ready, Dr. Caves cemented them to the patient’s teeth and she had her new smile.